Feb 2018: RTC's Parent Company, Integrated Test Solutions, Purchases Comar Engineering Services Ltd

Integrated Test Solutions Ltd have welcomed Comar Engineering Services to the group. Comar are a leading supplier of test rigs and are trusted throughout industry to provide efficient, reliable hydraulic test rigs.

Aug 2017: RTC Win a Research & Development Grant from Innovate UK

RTC have been awarded a grant from Innovate UK to develop its innovative control system designed to reduce time to market and compexity of test systems.

Sep 2015: RTC Win a Prestigious European Commission Grant

RTC is pleased to announce that it has won a prestigious grant award under the European Commissions 80 billion Euro Research & Development Program, the "Innovative Union" Horizon 2020 scheme, that is aimed at securing Europes industrial competitiveness globally.

Why is this relevant to producers of aerospace systems, for whom testing solutions impact on and shape a large part of development and operating costs? Well, as an experienced, forward thinking supplier of turn-key test solutions in the aerospace sector, RTC Electronics set out to answer the 2 most difficult questions for end users, who face endless demands for lower risk, more cost effective solutions to their testing needs.

Specifically the 2 key questions are:

1. How to reduce risks and costs in design, implementation, and full life use of testing solutions

2. How to improve predictability, accuracy and deliverability of project programs whilst also shortening time to market.

In answer to these questions, RTC has developed ground breaking technology within an innovative system architecture and applied it to testing solution design and implementation.

RTC are collaborating with end user partners to roll out real life testing solutions, bringing them benefits from this innovation for many years to come.

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A350 XWB Thrust Reverser Actuation System ( TRAS ) Iron Bird test rig delivered to Airbus in Toulouse

The A350 team achieved a major milestone on 1st June with the shipping of the A350 Electric TRAS Iron Bird test rig to Airbus in Toulouse.

This comprises a full system test rig that is representative of the engine installation for the A350 Electric TRAS that will be used by Airbus at its laboratory test facility in Toulouse, commonly known as the "Iron Bird". In simple terms the rig is huge as the engine the TRAS will be fitted to on the A350 is huge. So, three large lorries, one massive crane & a closed car park later and the rig was shipped..

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